Narrow Lot Family House Plan Inspiration from Japan


Modern family house with the rectangular building built on a narrow lot of urban area. This narrow lot family house occupied 43.21 lands and had a vertical volume. There are two main concepts of this narrow lot family house. One is to create a real family house with large social spaces; living area, dining area, and kitchen. Two is to make the natural light enter the house as much as possible. Natural light didn’t enter the house’s previous building because it was crowded and situated in the urban area, and adjacent sites were close.


Those two goals have brought a challenge for Kenji Ido architects. Narrow plots, large spaces, and natural light are challenging problems, but Kenji Ido succeeds in creating a narrow lot family house architecture design to accommodate dweller needs and still has a stylish exterior design. This narrow lot family house has four level floors: ground floor plan for parent’s bedroom and bathrooms, and utility areas, first floor for the kitchen-dining-living area, second-floor plan for two children’s bedrooms, and roof plan for terrace and natural light concept.


Both exterior and interior have a whiteness concept. The simple rectangular form outside has a contrasting look inside this narrow lot family house. The interior is more complex. Irregular angles and diagonal patterns are applied to create maximum openings, so the natural light inserts the house perfectly from the terrace roof area until the ground floor. Because openings do not allow the ground floor to bring natural light from the roof, the children’s bedroom has a unique plan orientation. Diagonal spaces of children’s bedrooms allow the natural light openings to be created. The stairs structure was also created in such a way to support natural light insertion to this new narrow lot family house.




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