Wood Framing Environmentally Correct Modern Small House Design

Wood framing unique construction with innovative steel cable bracing at house structural that can be adjusted, enhance security and flexibility for this simple small house structure and lightweight building. Wagon eucalyptus beam system house construction support house perfectly and become surprising outdoor décor with fantastic detail. The interior organized simply, contains living space which integrated with kitchen, bathroom with small spa bathtub and bedroom. Leftover materials used and enhance, create aesthetic interior design. This modern small wood house built with sustainable and environmentally correct strategy design. Passive solar energy in the openings, thermal insulation between the walls (rock wool recycled) and solar panels for water heating applied. Team building: Luciano Silva dos Santos, Everton Sobral, Osmar Aparecido, Andre Eisenlohr.

unique house beam construction sustainable design strategies

wood framing steel cable structural adjusted construction

modern wood house thermal roof environment correct

deck pathway leftover house materials composition design

security flexible small house steel cable construction

Eucalyptus beams wagon construction system innovative design

modern wood living space kitchen integrated interior

innovative recycled material interior house decor

small spa bathtub bathroom modern application house

simply organized spacious sense small house design


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