Wok-Style Grilling Bowl Strathwood in Nonstick Copper Finish

Grilling has long ceased being an art solely practiced on burgers and steaks. Handy, professional grilling tools like Strathwood’s wok-style grilling bowl let the outdoor chef whip up the best small-veggie medlies, grilled fruit salads, and dishes comprised of anything small enough to fall through the regular grates of a grill. The oversized, 15-inch bowl is constructed from cold-rolled steel and has a nonstick copper finish.

Vents throughout allow for even heat distribution, and they also allow liquids to drain away so foods are authentically grilled rather than steamed. Convenient handles allow for easy lifting and shaking of contents. Overall the grilling bowl measures 18 by 15-1/4 by 3/1/4 inches. Call pals and get the barbecue going.

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