Warmness Ethnic Bedroom Design

What we need in bedroom is not just enough bed and obscure lamp. That is I few want bedroom not only as sleeping room, but also make it as rest room. So, every time we go into bedroom, there is return feeling to royal bed. It will more exciting if we use ethnic bed.

Old bed from teak wood comes up with harmonious bed sheet. Open window at left, make the air circulation fresh.

ethnic bedroom interior design inspiration

This bedroom chooses linear arrangement. Two doors leaves become acess center into bedroom which consist of three area, bed area, bathroom, and makeup area, and also cloth and additional bedroom area. Every area has enough window apertures, so enough light without lamp.

In this bedroom, not all area styled with antique and ethnic motif. The bathroom use modern material, and so the floor, use light brown marble. Finishing of entire furniture use natural polish, so increase warmness impression.

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