Viewable Split-Level House Design for Better Inhabitant Relationship

modern split-level house construction idea

What kind of room spaces plan in your new house? If you want to built single-family home where the parents and children has an optimal communication and healthy relationship, here is idea; create interaction of floors and spaces where every inhabitant has their own spaces but also spaces that can accommodate in close contact of each inhabitant. So, between each private zone there is interaction, between private zones and social zones, there is also interaction. Perfect house plan inspiration for this concept is a split-level house design, as shown in this modern house floor plans.

This contemporary split-level house has various crossover and open connections interior between different spaces. Every move and contact in this unique house creates behavior experiment and enhances relationship between parents and children. How about the construction? Well, you also could take idea of this architectural house volume. This split-level house designed as viewable split-level, means the split-level floor structure can easily see at outside and inside of the house. The exterior and interior constructed in such way so the feeling of leveling can be seen at different corners. Basically, this is open-plan house, but playful structure with wood layers and curtains keep privacy from outside. Lifted up house construction made with steel beams.

Another interesting design is the staircase area and its elements. The staircase placed in the center of the interior. Beside as connection for different floors level, this staircase area also acts as natural light distributor. And, lightweight and simple wood stairs so lovely. Top outdoor terrace with sculptural beams element also enhance this split-level house appearance. Gross Floor Area: 250 m2. Designed by uarchitects. Photo by:Daan Dijkmeijer.

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