Vertically Continuous Wooden Formwork Thermally House Renovation Design

Two-story brick house building has been renovated with vertical addition and renovated thermally with insulated method by vertically continuous wooden formwork that also transform house’s appearance become more delightful. New living area addition at top of building was built in solid wood construction. Created in open structure form with terrace and atrium, linked with living room with kitchen and dining area. Banded glass windows revolving light and panoramic skylight in the living area that opens through two sliding glass doors to the outside laid atrium. Modest interior design that expose raw construction amterials at kitchen bring nature atmosphere inside. Designed by Daniel Fügenschuh Architect.

vertically continuous wooden formwork house cladding transformation

top floor terrace open structure house extended design

laid atrium revolving light sustainable house renovation

modest interior raw exposed materials stylish kitchen

thermally insulation house cladding renovation design innovation

native landscape house inside outside windows connection

box-form house renovation wooden cladding sustainable construction

former gabled roof two-story house renovation

banded-windows bright light-open insertion wooden house

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