Vertical Extending Structure Modern House Design

This house has modern renovation and extension that growth up to minimize big physically building and create attractive exterior structure and passive house technique featuring. Light weight and light filled become basic of this modern house extension. The new second level separating for three pavilions with roof garden and bamboo void create framed views to the surrounding landscape. A roof overhang blocks high summer sun while allowing low winter sun keeping the thermally massive floor cool in the summer and hot in the winter. The double height space stack ventilates the house bringing cool air from below and releasing hot air through upper level clerestory windows. SSD architecture.

growth-up modern house vertical extending design

roof overhang blocks modern house design construction

bamboo void open house spatial level design ideas

innovative passive house technique energy efficient

natural light fitted house exterior structure design

light weight living interior remodeling house design

modern interior double height space stack ventilates


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    That is superbly designed house with great style. I think what adds to the overall comfort of a home is the bathroom. It’s where we start our day and end our night. Underfloor heating would work well in homes like this as will a heated towel rail, which will not only add style to the home, but also add great comfort and convenience in the home.

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