Unique and Innovative Modern Café for Both Children and Parents

Located in Aoyama, a modern café with unique and innovative concept, a café for both children and their parents designed and executed very well by Nendo, a Japanese designer. Design to accommodate child-parent, although the meals completely different, with its pale blue-and-gray color scheme, this café just look as a wonderland for family to enjoy fun together. Fully stocked with picture books and toys, this parent-child café also equipped with a playroom, private rooms and separate spaces for nursing and changing diapers. Everything in the space works for both adults and kids, the difference in scales of furnishing play together and create perfect composition space for family, a media to harmonize the different perspective of adults and kids. For example, in the same table, and adults on the table, conscious of their lives to things that are placed there. However, children can see the bottom of the table, like table legs feel like pillars, is having a roof, just like ordinary roof. The name of this café is Tokyo Baby Café, a worth café to go which parents can enjoy having a coffee, catching up with friends etc., without having to worry about their children’s surroundings. In terms of safety, light switches and door handles are placed up high, out of children’s reach.

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