Underwater Concept Idea of Fashion Store Interior Design

underwater concept fashion store interior design

Looking for store interior idea? Check this awesome concept. In this fashion store interior design, imagine you are diving in the most favorable diving site like Raja Ampat. First, it feels dark…dangerous…gloomy…but instantly you will be amazed with underwater treasures that full of various shape and color of corals, marines animals, and other treasures with tantalizing beauty. That underwater illusory become exiting concept of this fashion store interior design: Monki.

Fashion goods like dress, shirts, shoes, etc surrounding by sparkling jellyfish floating, waterplants such as multicolored water lilies, glowing bubbles, and others mimic interior elements of underwater object made for this fashion store interior design. Various colors of custom-made interior elements, including the furniture and accent, including the playful-groovy-cute fashion goods from Monki reflected on mirrors at ceiling with endless pattern. Clothes, shoes, and others hanging or displayed in water lily-shaped tables that look like carousel. This fashion store interior design with underwater concept is created by ElectricDreams for Monki.

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