Ultra Modern Orthogonal Geometry Residence

This residence gets both adoption and inspiration of its site. A soft landscape of dunes and valleys become inspiration of this modern house architectural form. The facade of the building is twisted 30° to the geometry of the boxes. Reflecting the extreme climate conditions, the insulated volume of the house is covered by a screen which is useful to filter the sun in summer and to keep away the snow from the glasses.

ultra future modern house design ideas geometry form orthogonal

With a unique sloping landscape, the ground-floor is one big space with soft geometries. The big space is meant to include all the activities that are shared with other people, such as a dining area, a fireplace, a pool with an adjacent relaxing and reading area. The TV room is put in a niche of the dune and all the service functions are put under the artificial dune. Unlike this big space, the first floor of this modern house consists of nine loose fitting boxes containing different private functions that create a private gallery in the orthogonal gap of the in-between spaces. The four main materials used in the Dune House are bricks, concrete, metal and glass.


From the upper level two big staircases are leading to the big living room on the ground-floor which is designed like an artificial landscape with dunes plants and an interior swimming pool. Guests can sit and meet in different areas, enjoying different views and light conditions. Theses different zones include an interior pool and garden, a library, a TV and recreation zone, a big dining table, a covered terrace and a wine-cellar with the a technical room and the main kitchen.

In comparison to the more open ground-floor the first floor is enlightened with indirect light coming from the ceiling and the exposed brick which as a translucent screen is wound around the building. With this light condition these halls could have the function of a private gallery for art, with lots of wall space to hang art.

The soft shaped lower level is a big open space, articulated by plants and the artificial landscape.

The first floor contains all the private rooms, a private living and dining room, a small kitchen and the house maid’s room. All these private units are built as single boxes on columns and like small private houses in a village as well as hotel rooms they have their own bathrooms. This residence designed by HHF architects.

Really nice house design concept, isn’t it? :) So, in extreme condition, we can still make a house with all the parameters of good living satisfied.


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