Two Wings Modern House Pushing Out Structure Concept

push out modern house design ideas two structures

This modern house intended to maximize the interaction between outdoors and indoors. That’s way, the house sliced into building between the modern swimming pool and modern garden, with huge aperture windows and doors. For the connector, modern kitchen built and become spans of those two structures, and covered by green roof.

modern dining room pool side house design

modern dining indoors outrdoors house design concept

kitchen pavilion green roof sunken kitchen house design

water based garden house design living room view

The garden is unique, its designed as water based area. The pool is surrounded by native grasses, reeds, and rushes that create a natural river-like quality. Two building also divided into its activities function, northern wing as private livings area. The southern wing contains the formal, public spaces that begin in the front of the property and conclude in an outdoor dining area. Designed by Marmol Radziner Architects.

master bedroom house design modern structures

modern spans sunken kitchen pavilion modern house design

modern house design ideas two structures sunken pavilion

back plans modern two wings house design construction

modern rectangular house design ideas horizontal pushout



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