Tremendous Modern Tropical House Design Ideas

This villa house looks tremendous after transforming into tropical climate adaptation design of surround area. With huge windows and open doors face the swimming pool, this house open to the nature, while large room organizes the house into private and public realms. And there is also functional large column, use as an outdoor shower open to the sky. Although the interior has large space, with interesting organizing, inside house feel perfect, not too much things, but also not wider. There is modern kitchen design with steel accented. The master bedroom has nice balcony and oversized window to maximize a tropical atmosphere. The second floor contains a secluded courtyard garden, off the master bedroom, for private activities. The project provides a flexible infrastructure for the participation and enjoyment of the pleasures of life. Designed by oppenoffice architects.

oversized windows large house modern renovation ideas1

luxury tropical swimming pool outdoor house design

rear outdoor enclosure living villa design ideas

large column outdoor shower villa feature structure

height ceiling living large room interior design

modern tropical interior house design innovation

steel accented modern tropic kitchen inspiration

modern elegance master bedroom balcony attachment design

modern tropical house garden landscape design

wooden bathroom villa interior design ideas

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