Trapezoid-shaped Modern House Spatial Order Interior Optimized Outdoor Space

This modern villa house has unique form, a trapezoid or trapezium shape. Look as ragged plot, this house plan development prospects spatially long, making the outdoor space is optimized. With white plastered wall and aluminum frame for the opening structure, the house has various façade, related to the different functions of the interior. Large opening structure designed to enjoy hidden walled garden. The interior defined in two separate spaces, sleeping and play areas in the upper, above semi-underground garage, and living, kitchen and work areas in the lower part of the plan. This interior plans connected with clever internal route spatial area, make all rooms accessible in several ways and with unique separation, like long black wardrobe create a compact stylish interior of unique architecture elements; luxurious, warmth and modern sense. Designed by De Bever Architects.

trapezoid-shape villa house white plastered wall design

unique front door ragged plot house design

aluminum frame hidden-walled-garden outdoor optimized house

large opening supportive structure various facade house

large glass walls bedroom interior landscape framing

clever spatially order kitchen lower space house

long black wardrobe multifunction home furnishing aplication

trapezium-shaped house pocket site feng-shui luck

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