Transversely Structure Concept Rectangular Building House Shape Upstairs Design

Rectangular building mounted transversely on another two parallel rectangular building form, floating looks create interesting modern house views. This upstairs building is for master bedroom, completed with private bathroom and closed relaxing lounge. Brown to yellow interior and exterior contrast with whiteness style of two parallel building below it. Two separate rectangular shape buildings at first floor has its own function. One for kitchen and living room, and other for children area, including bedroom, bathroom, and playground. This separate parallel building connect each other with transparent corridor that also define small garden area and frontage area. Brown marble flooring applied in interior seemed want to create relation with interior design of upstairs floor. At outer side of kitchen and living space, swimming pool with large decking area built. At a ground floor, large garage built. Designed by Momo Estudio Architects.

transversely house structure concept floating-like interactive design

floating zone brown marble cladding rectangular house

large decking outdoor zone swimming pool house

transparent corridor connecting area separate house building

whiteness kitchen living modern interior design

brown marble flooring kitchen open structure design

modern children playground interior house building architecture

brown interior spacious master bedroom house design



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