Transformable Robotic Bed into Wheelchair Design

This newest robotic technology from Panasonic is really bring future furniture technology into this era. This robotic bed furniture can be transform into wheelchair. This ultra modern robotic bed perfect for people with limited mobility. Half of the mattress rises and half lowers while a motorized unit beneath it automatically slides out from the bed. The bed’s robotic canopy automatically rises when the unit transforms. This furniture automation system has a screen that acts as TV, controller for home appliances, and home security camera viewer. Human-robot interface technologies are also employed to facilitate easy operation with no need for training. An interactive interface enables the user to easily transform the bed into the wheelchair. The wheelchair has an intuitive controller that allows the user to easily drive it and give it an instruction to go back into the bed. Panasonic will show off its prototype Robotic Bed later this month at the International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition 2009 in Tokyo.

robotic bed automation furniture innovation concept


  1. yedu krishnan says

    superb!!!!!…but i fell its uneconomic as far as its purpose is concerned…..

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