Tips to Culture Solenia Begonia Manual Guidelines

Solenia Begonia provides some of the highest garden performance in today’s market. Beside of that Solenia Begonia series offers easy to produce options that are a comfortable fit with all most all warm climates, high light spring production practices.

Solenia Begonias are easy to propagate from unrooted cuttings. They do not require any rooting hormones and should be stuck in a well drained, low EC substrate. Regular timed mist should be applied for the first three to five days of the propagation cycle. At that time, depending on the ambient light and temperature regimes in the greenhouses, the regular timed mist can be eliminated and replaced with “on demand” cycled mist or infrequent syringing of the propagation beds. Read this tips in ebook. The solenia begonia ebook can be downloaded here .

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