Tight Block Site Slender House Architecture Inspiration

On tight block location, build house with open structure to receive freshness air, natural light is difficult. Fortunately, there is shared green space from adjacent block of neighbor. So this modern building constructed based on the shared green space. Conceived as a long, low pavilion hovering above the ground plane, this modern open house with steel zinc finishing, stretching from the street front to the rear boundary. the house draws its circulation to the perimeter and unravels living spaces across the length of the site in a slender planning arrangement that promotes cross ventilation and day-lighting. Designed by RedDog Architects.

steel zinc finishes slender house design ideas

shared green space tight block house architecture

simple design stretch house style inspiration

cross ventilation house narrow land architecture

open side glass house perimeter design innovation

simple open zinc roof house ventilation design

simple tight house entry hall terrace design

modern living area narrow site house interior

modern interior open ventilation house design

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