Three Dimension Space Boutique Design

Individual key pieces of boutique products offering more attractive way on customers eyes, and become targeted view. Because of that, this modern boutique designed in 3D dimension spaces created by an exaggerated perspective.

The view into the store is dramatized by the angling of the walls and the ceiling. The space left is one of a runway, where key collection pieces are mounted on hanging white mannequins, organized in a manner that mimics the random walking pattern on a shopping street. The collection is then displayed in ‘shop-fronts’ inset in either side of the angled walls.

contemporary boutique design ideas

3d boutique modern design ideas

key pieces products interior boutique design

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One wall concentrates on accessories and separates, which are either mounted of encased. This wall would also display large format prints of the latest collection photo-shoot. The other wall would have hold most of the collection with a lounge, or a smaller store within a store. An oversize seating ottoman would also allow customers to sit while being shown the collection by a sales person.

The central spine of the store, or the ‘runway’ will be framed by a uniform enclosure made either of polycarbonate material or metal mesh. Both these materials are translucent and therefore allow being light from behind. The intent is to have the store light without any fixtures being visible. The uniformity and the lightness of the material would create a uniform subtle background, emphasizing the drama and craftsmanship of the key pieces mounted on the mannequins.

At night, the store and the collection should also have a dramatic aspect, different from the expected. We envisioned that the store would be left in complete darkness with spot lights illuminating each mannequin in a theatrical and dramatic manner. Designed by Studio Seilern Architects for Tomas Starzewski.


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    Your work is good.I am looking for a interior designer for my Boutique that i intend opening early next year.Would you please contact me with anything you might have.


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    I love very much on boutique design, and this article about 3D space boutique design inspires me to build my site in more creative, thanks for sharing


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