Modern Sunroom Idea with Tall Glass Building Volume for House Extension

modern tall glass building extension volume design

Modern sunroom addition built at side of house. This modern sunroom idea has rectangular tall glass building volume. Located in the garden, this modern sunroom plan idea becomes relaxing area. A tall glass volume bring double-height ceiling concept. So this day zone volume always has plenty natural light inside. The open plan creates strength relationship with its manor style garden. There are doors at the center of two side of this rectangular-shaped sunroom. The doors open to garden; bring green views and fresh air inside this modern sunroom interior. At one side of door, in front of it rectangular pond created, enrichment the whole landscape patio surround the sunroom.

shelter rear-volume house extension garden combination
small manor style garden open-plan building extension
open-plan characterize glass volume rear house extension
modern simple living-dining room extension interior design

This sunroom interior decorating idea really has contemporary style. Intended as house extension, living area and dining area, and modern fireplace become furnishing inside sunroom. This double-height glazed modern sunroom idea directs connect with the kitchen inside main house. So its easy to bring food from the kitchen, while have a meal, you can enjoy sunlight, greens, and fresh air. Designed by Architektenbureau van den Heuvel.


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