Sustainable Solar House Curved Spine Wall Geometrically Architecture Design

This modern geometrical house plans designed with solar house concept, use the sun as its heat source. This house achieved both of beautiful interior and exterior appearance and passive solar house and sustainable architectural element. If you see the house plans, this massive house consist of center curved long area and attached-like rooms. Curved area that begins from entry use as connecting space between rooms and as dining and living area at spacious ones at the back. At the middle of the house contrary courtyards maximizes passive cooling through cross ventilation. Orientation for passive solar gain for natural heating in winter, complemented by external shading to prevent summer overheating. Two-storey stair void acts as a thermal chimney, naturally removing heat in summer through stack effect. Thermal mass provided by rendered concrete block curved walls. Solar hot water integrated with hydronic heating system in the insulated ground floor concrete slab. Pool used as a ‘heat sink’ for excess heat generated by solar system. Low-voltage, energy-efficient lighting designs. Rainwater harvested and stored in tanks and bore water for garden use. High-performance thermal insulation and double glazing. Designed by ZEN Architects.

massive passive solar house concept innovative design

playful geometrically sustainable architectural element house design

curved spacious dining living sustainable interior house

curved-spine-wall center house concrete thermal mass

void courtyards house passive cooling cross ventilation

inner courtyard garden house opening composition plans

spacious interior curved door kitchen innovative design

modern pool minimalist style outdoor area house

innovative geometrically house plans architecture sustainable design

contemporary bathroom open design house interior

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