Summer House Modern Concrete Construction Design

Sitting on the forest with functional performing and developing and aesthetics-constructed, this cottage modern summer house has neutral colors that blend perfectly with the nature landscape. Reinforced concrete slab used that able to thermally protect the house from various seasons. The modern concrete house appears half-bury in one of its angles and with their foundations exposed in the opposite one. Series of glass windows formed vertically reduce the horizontal shape of sloping prism proportion house, equipped with outdoor wooden terrace for place to enjoy the landscape. For the interior, flexible space with unique partition walls built, added with built-in concrete furniture and wood pine furniture combination. Designed by BAK Architects.

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flexible interior raw concrete exposed kitchen living

built-in concrete furniture table living interior

minimalist modern living interior lighting illumination series

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modern concrete bedroom interior natural light design

exposed wall partition bedroom interior glass windows

slab concrete furniture simple interior functional performing

wood pines simple furniture concrete house combination

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