Subdivision Volume Tilted Surface House Open Space Experience Structures

Attempt to optimize tilted surfaces site, this modern house has subdivision volume structure. At street level, enclosed volume wrap with metal copper consist of entrance, garage and ancillary functions. Behind of it, two-storey building volume with floating-look style designed with light and open space experience concept, integrate perfectly with the garden. Below the white monolithic floating volume, first floor bordered by series of glass walls, create relaxing open entertaining rooms which direct connect with swimming pool and simple garden surround it. All building exterior has mimic style with its area, a slope cut lines create simple beautiful geometrical structure. The floating volume created with timber materials, wrap with white panels. At upstairs sleeping area, unique terrace with simple plants composition offers private outdoor detail architecture elements. Designed by X Architekten.

subdivision volume tilted surface house construction

floating monolithic timber house volume opening integration

border glass walls series interior opening integration

simple side swimming pool village house structure

modern touch outdoor garden house interaction concept

copper wrapping enclosed strert level house volume

green space extension horizontal roof house outdoor

reinforced concrete construction spatial stairs connection interior

outdoor terrace private sleeping area simple plants

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