Stylish Synthetic Fiber Modern Outdoor Furniture Series

This modern outdoor furniture series is very stylish in cheerful colors. Soft synthetic fibers structured are the materials of this modern outdoor furniture along with strong metal frame. The synthetic fibers are resistant to UV, and all kind of outdoors environments like heavy use, pool water and sea salt. So this modern furniture can stand last longer at your outdoors house. This kind of fiber is also a Non-toxic material that is recyclable and friendly on the environment. Both the metal frame and the synthetic fiber can be recycled. Designed by Joel Escalona.

modern synthetic fiber outdoor furniture innovation

metal frame outdoor patio furniture cheerful color

modern sustainable outdoor furniture design ideas

relaxing chair outdoor patio furniture sustainable

recyclable patio outdoor furniture innovation

enviromental patio outdoor furniture design ideas

ultra modern exterior furniture patio space accent


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    wow! they look so trendy and yummy. i love the colors, very aesthetic and vibrant. by the way, where i could get that items?

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