Stylish Modern House Design Railway Cottage Conversion

stylish modern house railway cottage transformation

Stylish modern house as result of railway cottage transformation, conversion, and extension in Santpoort-Noord, between Amsterdam and IJmuiden has contrast concept, both exterior and interior, and also house with surrounding area. Existing bricks wall combine with two extensions of box volumes with Corte steel structures. There are three floor level built. Under the open-plan living room, there is basement volume for bedroom and storage. An attic of this stylish modern house is for main bedroom, existing wood trusses exposed, combined with white color and natural plank wood floor.

corte-steel volume extension stylish modern house
open-plan living room stylish modern house
small outdoor terrace design stylish modern house
stunning living interior stylish modern house

This stylish modern house interior consists of whiteness colors, wall and furniture inside new structure, while existing raw exposed brick wall retained. In the ground floor, unique activities area concept achieved. Kitchen placed in the middle of the house; existing building. Existing brick window structure becomes decoration element that enliven entire dining area. While dining area and living area placed in the new steel and open-plans structures. In the dining area, large skylight installed, bring more natural light to this stylish modern house. Next to living room is small outdoor terrace which become extension space of living area. Designed by ZECC architects.

dining raw brick interior stylish modern house
open-plan skylight stylish modern house
beautiful existing brick window stylish modern house
whiteness new structure stylish modern house photos
exposed brick-wall kitchen interior design
attic bedroom stylish interior design photos
stylish modern house-plan railway cottage conversion

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