Stylish Functional Reorganization Open Plan Modern Apartment Renovation Ideas

This apartment renovate with functional reorganization method and open plan concept. Various colors applied, appropriate to each area theme. The décor and colors tones used both in furniture selection and furnishings texture tend to be colorful but in soft way. Begin from small simple terrace balcony, the interior living room open to outdoor with series of glass walls and sliding doors. Bright colors of blue lines pattern rugs contrast with soft palette sofa furniture and walls. This living area connects in open plan with dining room, kitchen, and TV area which connect to built-in work desk. A wooden partition wall between terrace living space and TV area really interesting functioned as partition, storage display of vase collection, and TV rack at other side. Dark tiles as basic flooring make the furnishings items color arise, cheerful sensation achieved. Dark brown wooden ceiling become space mark for dining and whiteness kitchen with other areas. Strong orange and dark blue tones applied in children living and play area, also in the children bedroom. Stylish compact wooden bunk bed with built in storage very interesting. While in master bedroom, wood tone in bed and storage create luxury and delightful sense. Designed by Robert Kaner in collaboration with rb|architect. Photograhpy by Albert Vecerka/Esto.

simple small terace balcony apartment renovation design

functional reorganization stylish apartment interior design concept

open plan introducing modern apartment renovation structure

living-dining-kitchen black flooring cheerful furnishing interior decorating

innovative multifunction wooden partition wall storage display

brown texturing theme TV area apartment interior

built-in work desk area open plan apartment

open plan reorganization concept apartment interior design

strong orange cheerful children area interior design

compact bunk bed modern stylish children bedroom

delightful modern master bedroom woods texture interior

aesthetically stylish modern apartment bedroom decor

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