Stylish Black-White Restaurant Interior Design

open-plan restaurant house remodeling interior design

What can you do with simple white tile with black diagonal stripe pattern at the middle of tile? Look at this restaurant interior design. For Productora, the restaurant interior designer of these stylish spaces, black-white tiles become exciting interior elements. They explored and created various patterns from the tiles and create cool restaurant interiors.

various pattern tiles created tea-room interior idea
open-plan restaurant house remodeling interior design
striped pattern tiles restaurant interior design

The tiles of this Mexican restaurant interior design placed as floors and onto the lower parts of the walls, created various effects depths of space. Rest of walls has gray minimalist theme. The lattice structure of ceiling seems mimic the black-white pattern concept, there are intervals of natural lights and artificial lights. The restaurant itself is a transformation of a 1940s-era house, and divide into bar space and tea room, called as Celeste in Colonia Anzures, Mexico City.

cozy tones interior tea-room restaurant design
lattice ceiling structure creative restaurant interior
pattern example-of-tiles order restaurant interior elements
another example-of-tiles pattern restaurant interior
low-walls tiles cladding unique pattern design
bright restaurant interior black-white concept idea
unique restaurant interior design idea


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