Stylish Apartment Interior After Merged of Two Apartments

red color walls stylish apartment interior idea

Two apartments merged into single apartment for better spacious and modern living spaces. New interior carefully calibrated, the result is stylish apartment interior design with lively atmosphere. Single spacious space with wall divider to separate living room and kitchen-dining area become new center area of this stylish apartment interior. The wall divider made from rough wooden slats. The wooden slats painted white with shabby chic effect.

two merged apartment stylish apartment interior
blue-turquoise kitchen scheme stylish apartment interior
basic whiteness stylish apartment interior design
spacious kitchen-living-dining stylish apartment interior
rough wooden-slats wall-divider stylish apartment interior

While basic color of this stylish apartment interior is white, color scheme at certain walls applied. The color of furniture, materials, and decoration elements and materials also carefully chosen to emphasize each activity area of this stylish apartment interior. In the kitchen, blue turquoise color walls applied at above kitchen. In the living room red color wall applied surround the center fireplace. Rug and other bedding elements of living room also reflect the color gradation of red wall. In the living room color scheme application taken place on the floor. Green floor color of bedroom interior contrast with whiteness walls. In the work/study room, certain walls has niche that become storage spaces for books and others goods.

woodel-slats floor stylish apartment interior idea
customize furniture simple workstudy room interior
niche walls-for-storage stylish apartment interior
white floor planks stylish apartment interior
green floor bedroom stylish apartment interior
ensuite bathroom stylish apartment interior

Another stylish concept; playing with materials and color scheme are also applied in the bathroom interior. First bathroom interior has blue tiny tiles wall cladding. This bathroom has smart bathroom plan, the layout is interesting. Second bathroom interior has dark brown tiles wall cladding. In the second bathroom interior, curved walls created, bring dynamic impression. So, how do you think about this stylish apartment interior design concept? Architects: Karhard architects. German.

tiny-blue-tiles bathroom interior color scheme idea
blue bathroom interior stylish apartment interior
smart bathroom-plan stylish apartment interior
bathroom decoration element stylish apartment  interior
curved-wall dynamic scheme bathroom interior design
dark-brown-tiny-tiles bathroom interior apartment design
dark-brown tiny-tiles shower interior design
green floor hallway stylish apartment interior design

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