Striped Structure Playful Cube-Shaped House Design

This green striped house has two cube-like box for different functional space. The voluminous cube creates a peaceful open space for study and repose, and a low parallel rectangle accommodates a bedroom, bath and kitchen. The main cube-shaped of this modern house functioned as living room features a floor-to-ceiling library. There are also unique water features creations. Wood-frame structure with a second skin of fiber cement siding cut into a pattern of tapered panels. The skin stands slightly apart from the main body of the guesthouse, allowing air to flow between the panels and the structure to create a passive air-cooling system. The vibrant green color scheme came from variety of muted palettes, including avocado, sage and Army green. Designed by Aleks Istanbullu Architects.

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floor-to-ceiling library house space ideas

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