Steel-Metal-Wood Modern Furniture Collections

simple stylish center table modern furniture collections

Modern furniture collections made from combination of black stainless steel, white lacquered metal sheet, and wood. The collections consist of cabinet, drawer, center table, lamp, and pouf. The structure of these modern furniture collections is inspired by dried Lunaria/honesty flowering plants. When it dried, remained structure details still beautiful. Alexandra Gonçalves, the designer bring applied remained structure details of Lunaria plant, especially the stunning disc-shaped seedpods to the furniture. Stainless steel becomes the branches, shape of furniture while white lacquered metal sheet materials become its disc-shaped seedpods. Both woods and metal become functional elements of this furniture. The result is amazing: simple but stylish modern furniture collections ready to enhance your home interior.

creative stainless-steel lamp modern furniture collections
unique pouf modern furniture collections Lunaria inspiration
black stainless-steel structure cabinet modern furniture collections
modern furniture collections simple drawer design

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