Stable to Modern Country House Transformation with Sustainability Systems

modern country house stable transformation idea

Old abandoned stable on beautiful land, Extremadura, Spain transformed into modern country house. Due to the location that is far away electric power supply became a problem, but solved with a solar panel system installed. The solar panel system supply electric power to this modern country house during summer. In winter electric power supplied by hydro power turbine, taking advantage from two water streams.

open-plan modern country house exterior interior synergy
swimming pool act as holding tank for irrigation
retained stone walls modern country house renovation
open-plan bedroom stable to house transformation design
sustainable green building modern country house design
unique huge doors stable to modern country house

Existing elements of stable retained and transformed into new function. Such as: old watering becomes inner courtyard patio with fountain that also use as cooling system inside during summer, bedrooms taking place at previous hay loft, etc. Original stone structure keep retained while cement applied behind it. Another sustainable feature is grey water purifying system. The swimming pool of this modern country house act as a holding tank for use in irrigation. Designed by ABATON.

stylish modern country house interior concept
inner courtyard patio cooling system idea
inner courtyard design modern country house interior
fountain cooling system old watering transformation
spacious area open-plan country house renovation
cozy living area modern country house interior
simple stylish country house interior inspiration
stylish country house bedroom interior


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