Spanish Art Deco House Virtual Rebuild Design Nautical Theme

A refurbishment of Spanish Art Deco style house with virtual rebuild concept. Not totally change the house structure, but adding and replace old décor to create modern style and enhance the house with modern standard to follow modern way of living. Nautical and Asian elements exterior and interior theme complementary each other combine with form of circular windows and internal moon door opening, make a pleasure sense home. The tiled roof was removed and replaced with a low pitch metal deck. The exterior garden landscape has moment sense, a step on stairs journey through natural garden design to the front house. Wooden and plywood décor elemental applications create calm relaxing interior design style. Designed by Tom Bomford Architects.

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nautical asian style house refurbishment modern design

virtual rebuild house concept spanish elemental renovation

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Asian natural garden landscape house exterior design

internal moon door opening house construction design ideas

calm relaxing house interior virtually renovation ideas


  1. interior ideas says

    I would love to have a house like that ,,specially the concept of walking through natural garden.Though excessive use of wooden might offend advocates of green interior designing.


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