Small Old House Remodeling Idea with Vertical Extension

small bungalow house remodeling idea

Bungalow house in small plans had remodeled to modernize the existing old house and add more floors vertically. This old house remodel creates new format both exterior and interior, but the appearance still simple and has classic style like the existing house. The new interior house plan format has minimalist interior style, larger living spaces, and new space volume upstairs. Especially, the kitchen interior has new concept, an open-plan with glazed walls direct connect with rear garden. There are plenty existing construction materials and other existing materials reused, like tiles and structural beams. The recycled materials make cost of remodeling this house bungalow is cheaper. 160m2 floor area. Architect: WHIM.

old house remodel inspiration
open-plan dining kitchen house remodeling idea
minimalist dining interior concept old house renovation
simple black-white interior bungalow renovation
small kitchenette area interior design idea
large living area new floor plan format interior
new upstair small house refurbishment interior
existing old house bungalow

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