Skinny Roof House Design

The volume consists of building a house with a blanket on a clear and unambiguous skin. The skin is carried out in anthracite-colored corrugated Eternit. The basic volume is determined by the skin of the house exterior and roof over each other. This skin is the leading element in the design. The house in the skin is soft, in a light wooden. From the house, the feeling of space designed by experienced maximum visibility on the wide landscape Groningen. The residential volume to lift and place on a flat back the whole basement seems to float above the crowd.

modern roof house

The facades and the roof of this dwelling comprise one entity. The skin, consisting of anthracite-colored corrugated sheets, is worked open in strategic places in order to let the environment in. Maximizing this effect, the entire dwelling is positioned one meter above ground level. A spacious lower ground floor is the result. Designed by Jager Janssen Architects.


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