Simple Modern House with Interesting Plan

simple modern house design interesting plan concept

Two-storey volume house with gable roof structure, so simple modern house, but has interesting both interior and exterior plans with exciting elements. The open plan house concept is really interesting, a synergies between connected interior volumes and creative openings and the layout give this simple modern house an exciting living spaces with plenty natural light, better home ventilation, and captured beautiful views, both garden house landscape and surrounding panorama. The interior design and its elements have sleek design and nice tone wrapped with whiteness interior style.

The exterior design consist of stone and wood slats cladding. A large space of living-dining-kitchen completely open with full openings. The openings also can be closed. Lovely area is the staircase, seems like small atrium, which has wood elements and openings, consist of glazed windows and skylight of roof. Both ground and upstairs floor plan made in such way so the distribution of natural light can be optimal and create better ventilation for this simple modern house.

What I love is bedroom interior above the living. The bedroom interior design is so clean and minimalist, yet the open plan elements, such as the windows really cool. Trees panorama also make the bedroom has mild atmosphere. This simple modern house with interesting plan layout designed by Christopher Polly.

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