Simple Modern House Observatory Dome

A house, simple but modern in architectural style, include a small small observatory dome and telescope, make this house become completely attractive weekend house design. The location is also perfect, wooded meadow on a
secluded 20-acre site on the southern slope of Mount Sonoma.

modern house observatory dome architectural concept

modern house design prefabricated metal dome ideas

The small glass block room and its prefabricated metal dome glow in the evening sky when the telescope is not in use. The simple volumes of the architecture evolved naturally out of the dome of the observatory, the triangular kitchen, and the bowstring roof structure, which frames the living spaces and master bedroom.

modern house observatory weekend design ideas

prefabricated metal observatory dome

telescope observatory dome interior design

The interior of this refined getaway is finished simply with light toned woods and stone. In lieu of a larger house, the owners opted for a grand slate terrace on which to entertain guests among the outdoors. The retaining walls that separate the grounds from the surrounding meadow were created from stone rubble found on the site. This house designed by Studio Architectures.


  1. Rachel says

    So cool! My hubby wants a home observatory and I just started my research to see is there any way I could surprise him :)

  2. Sharon says

    prefect home my hubby looking for ….same here going to surprise him too

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