Simple Modern House Design Two Distinct Blocks Brick Volume

modern house design brick volume simple rectangular architecture

Modern two-story house with clear and simple in two distinct blocks rectangular shape and brick volume. Ground floor plan consist of garage and glazed structure space with flat concrete roof deck. The glazed structure combined with exposed raw brick volume as fireplace and walls both exterior and interior. The glazed interior of this modern house design contains living area, dining area, kitchen area without boundaries. The furniture defines the areas.

On top of glazed structure, concrete flat roof deck use for outdoor terrace. Upstairs floor plan is for private spaces, like bedrooms and bathrooms, open to the terrace. In this modern house design plan, surround the glazed structure, wooden deck built as a cozy porch. There is also double fireplace volume that can be use inside at side of living room, and outside as part of the porch. What lovely modern single family house.

Both exterior and interior of this modern house design has raw exposed materials; bricks, cement, woods. The “natural” expression of this modern house design influence the interior design concept. The interior elements, home decorating and accessories chosen between rustic and contemporary elements. These mixed interior elements bring lively, warmth, and cozy living spaces of this modern house design. Designed by Seferin.

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