Simple Cafe Design in The Park

simple cafe design modern unique building structure

If you looking for independent small building idea for café, this pavilion-like volume building construction can be considered. This simple café design built in the public park. The single sloping roof with wooden exterior cladding and full glass walls really suitable for commercial building in public space. Especially when placed in greenery environment, like in the park.

The simple and unique café design is visually attractive, blend with greenery landscape and has same fresh atmosphere both inside and surrounding area. Transparent structure enhance the people experience. Inside, the cafe interior is designed in simple but comfortable. Whiteness and brown chocolate colors dominated this simple café interior design. There area two seating layout. First is benches form, second is ordinary traditional café seating form. Both of the seating schemes create comfortable and cozy spot to enjoy the meal while seeing the greenery of the park. The outdoor terrace of this attractive café. The terrace has wooden floors, mimic with cafe’s interior. White seating placed on the terrace. The dialogue between inside and outside this simple café design create perfect comfort ambiance and space of social contact. Designed by Light4Space architekt. Photo by Esther Havel.

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