A Shed-like Simple Modern House for Work at Home Dweller

backyard openings simple modern house in-golf-club

Nowadays, there are a lot people who work at home. The question is how to build house that has supporting environment for both work and private living spaces? This simple modern house hopefully becomes interesting study case. Luckily, this simple modern house located on golf club, so there is no need to create comfortable landscape. The beautiful landscape is already there!

This simple modern house designed resembles a shed with single sloping roof, simple but affordable, and comfortable. The humid soil and weather become consideration to design this cool house. This simple modern house has concrete base construction which elevated 40cm above the soil due to the humidity. So this house has floating-like architecture style.

This simple modern house structure consists of steel frame, glass frame, and wooden slats. The mixed structures create lovely visual effect, both interior and exterior. The air flow and light inside the carefully arranged to create comfortable interior spaces. The continuous windows below the roof ensure perfect ventilation. Certain rooms constructed with concrete slabs to keep the temperature in all weather conditions. This simple modern house has open living-dining-kitchen at the backyard. Overall, this simple modern house really perfect for work at home people. Designed by Claudia Haguiara.


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