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Modern House Design of Dramatic Concept and Minimalist Architecture Style

modern house design independent habitable floor plan

Build a home on perfect site with spectacular view need an extraordinary architecture design. And that achieved perfectly by SAOTA (Stefan Antoni Olmesdahl Truen Architects). Look at this modern house design. With minimalist architecture style and dramatic concept to ‘insert’ the stunning view inside the house, and breathtaking interior design by Antoni Associates, this modern […]

Modern House Design with Stunning Architectural Configuration

modern house design elevated cubic architectural

A modern house design with really interesting configuration built as experiment studies about private and public space and the mutual correlation of its outdoor and inner space. The architectural configuration of this modern house design is very unique. This modern house has total four cubic box volumes. Single cubic building volume placed at the center, […]

Two Building Forms of Modern Rectangular House on Sloping Site

modern rectangular house sloping site architecture idea

A modern rectangular house built on sloping site with two rectangular forms building architecture. First rectangular form of this modern rectangular house created from prefabricated steel structure with insulated metal jacket on street level terrain. Under the street level prefabricated steel structure building, rectangular reinforced concrete structure building build with opposite direction. Top past of […]

Distinctive Architecture of Modern Gable House Design

modern gable house distinctive architecture design

Formed as a classic gable roof structure with corrugated metal sheets wrap entire house exterior, including the roof, this modern gable house has distinctive architecture form. There is tunnel-like passageway structure in the center of ground floor; pretty unique doesn’t it? Or…weird? But in architecture, everything is impossible, isn’t it? The tunnel-like passageway structure idea […]

Sculptural-like Modern House Design Inspiration

three-storey stunning modern house design

Look at these modern house images, what do you think? Really fascinating house exterior and interior, isn’t it? Just like a monumental sculpture, standing with its gallant. This sculptural-like modern house architecture came from the idea of large stones that carved to accommodate the living spaces, just like The Flintstones house, but of course more […]

Modern Apartment Interior Design with Simple Visual and Deep Meaning

modern apartment interior simple presentation design

This modern apartment interior design use conceptual framework of classical orders and proportions style of architecture, to symbolize the beginning and the end. Classical architecture elements design seems in its elements such as windows and walls between windows, series of arches such as doors, etc. Every room of this modern apartment interior has two separate […]

Simple Modern House Design with Wood Construction as a Basis

wood construction simple modern house design

Simple modern house with pitched roof built from wood construction as a basis. Although with wood construction basis this simple modern house is really durable. Consist of two-story plan; this simple modern house has beautiful glass façade. The glass façade provides 220 degree views that bring nature into the house. Ground area consists of large […]

Modern Pavilion Extension with Innovative Multipurpose Area

modern pavilion extension autonomous living spaces

New modern pavilion built next to traditional Japanese house as an extension. Connected with transparent corridor, this modern pavilion extension brings freshness of the whole home; built with modern and simple architecture, autonomous, and has unique character both exterior and interior. In this modern pavilion, main single area exists along with multipurpose area at every […]

Stylish Modern House Design with Hanging Gardens

tropical garden-landscape stylish modern house

Stylish modern house built with stacked-cubic-like form architecture. Because of its stacked-cubic-shaped, there area empty spaces parts of the roof. The empty spaces use as hanging gardens. The result is amazing, from outside, this stylish modern house just like Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Unique natural wood fences and wood cladding entrance structure really impressed. All […]

Sinuous Curves Modern Coastline House with Sophisticated Interior

big balcony concept modern coastline house

Modern coastline house built with sinuous curves architecture. The curves line of the exterior really unique, bring new atmosphere to surrounding neighborhood. A combination of white walls, stone cladding, and wood cladding of exterior unify with the garden landscape. The structure of this modern coastline house created as big balcony. A big balcony that overlooking […]