Sculptural-like Modern House Design Inspiration

sculptural-like modern house design idea

Look at these modern house images, what do you think? Really fascinating house exterior and interior, isn’t it? Just like a monumental sculpture, standing with its gallant. This sculptural-like modern house architecture came from the idea of large stones that carved to accommodate the living spaces, just like The Flintstones house, but of course more delightful. There are two imaginer stones, convert into building and become sculptural-like modern house; the bottom is black “stone” that support floating white “stone”. Rustic plasters as wall element both exterior and interior utilize to create imaginary black “stone”.

cantilevered box structure modern house architecture
three-storey stunning modern house design
spaceship-like floating house exterior structure
rustic plaster-and white surface house exterior
open living-dining-kitchen glazed wall house design

The interesting design is keyhole-like shape as part of architecture design. The keyhole-like shapes appear as windows’ frame, part of both exterior and interior structure, and as shape of the room, such as bathroom. Honestly, I think the keyhole-like shape is bring imaginary of science fiction, and the white “stone” just like a spaceship. But let’s strict to the architects concept.

sculptural-like modern house cool design
garden exterior design sculptural-like modern house
cantilevered construction sculptural-like modern house
custom-furniture rustic plaster sculptural-like modern house

This sculptural-like modern house has three level floors. Basement and first floor are become part of black “stone” structure. Basement space is for garage, patio, utility room and a pool changing facilities. First floor has open-plan structure. Glazed walls cover the first floor. Custom built-in kitchen island and other custom furniture and elements in rustic plaster bring carved stones impression inside this sculptural-like modern house.

rustic plaster wall house interior design idea
interesting decor element interior sculptural-like modern house
sculptural-like modern house interior design
everlasting interior sculptural-like modern house

The second floor is floating white “stone”, consist of four cantilevered box structure. Two at front, and other at rear. The second floor of this sculptural-like modern house intended to be space for private rooms. Because of glazed walls of the first floor, the second floor structure seems floating, as I said just like a spaceship. Architects: Longhi architect.

hallway seating area sculptural-like modern house
monumental skylight design keyhole-like structure
keyhole-like bathroom shape sculptural-like modern house
rustic plaster bathroom interior sculptural-like modern house
sleek modern bathroom circle windows design
keyhole skylight bathroom interior house design

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