Sculptural Geometry Articulation House Design

Inspired from its side which has section with a sharp two meter drop mid-site, this modern house has geometrical architecture style perform like sculpture, a modern mandir? Maybe. That site condition gave rise to four separate half levels housed within two distinct sculptural forms, articulated by a gentile stairway at the fulcrum.

mandir-like modern house geometrical design ideas

modern kitchen interior design handmade geometry furniture

modern stairway entrance connector house design ideas

modern living room interior design ideas wooden

modern white black bathroom interior design

The Eastern form houses the garage and the public spaces with the Western form accommodate the private spaces. The space between the two functional areas, framed by the stair, forms the courtyard areas and provides an interface, often lacking on small sites, between public and private spaces. From the entry driveway the clean white forms evoke the prows of two ocean vessels vying for the attention Mountain View. Simple interior design provide with white walls painted and straight wooden furniture make this house has minimalist style. And the handmade furniture which also has geometrical perform, make a sharp corner house obscure and make space feel spacious. Designed by Marshall Architects.

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