Room Interior Design Tips for Boy’s Room

Almost boy’s room seems chaotic, isn’t it? How to design it so it seems orderly and has style? Boy’s room indeed with chaotic, unordered things. The cause is almost boy like to puts down his stuffs (like cloths, bags, sports equipment, etc) on his bed. If boy already on bed, they usually lazy to get up, to put stuff back in origin place like rack or something.

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Why boys often lazy to get up from bed? Michael Churian in The Wonder Boy book told that when boy enter puberties phase, testosterone hormone influenced his body and brain in multiples. That hormone causing lazyness because the mood soon to deteriorates, easy to sleep, and make boy want something in fast and practical. Put goods near his position in his mind is practical because those goods later will use again.

To solve that problem, room has to design with orientation to bed. Principe that use is that everthing has to be reached from bed. So, you should make kind of deck at side of bed, unified with bed frame. Although not use as storage, this deck has function as place for put down goods, when your boy lazy to put downs back in proper place. So room will more orderly because goods not spill on bed. Beside of that the deck can become playing area. On this deck, boy can read comics, playing guitar, listening to music, or eat snacks.

At bed head, there is hole that has function as storage place. The storage place in bed head make your boy easily to reach and keep his goods.


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