River Cottage Wood House Rebuilding Sustainable Development Aspect Design

This modern cottage for recreational activities had been rebuilding and only massive stone base preserved for basis of concrete slab. The concrete slab supports cantilevered parts of the new building form. Modern wood structure selected to confirm sustainable development aspect. Along with others aspect like local materials and producers, this modern wood logs house has recycling, energy consumption, maintenance of sustainable features. The exterior of this modern weekend cottage has non-treated larch wood facade cladding. Frontage side form, wrapping with tin sheets to give expressive sense of folded metal roofing. For the interior raw exposed wood construction especially at ceiling is contrasting with white walls and bright and customized modern unique furniture. Full opening at the backyard create relaxing sensation. This opening space provide shading terrace with innovative white doors. Garden house which serves as a warehouse and covered seating is also great space to enjoy river landscape along with forest surrounding. Designed by Domesi architects.

wooden structure sustainable modern cottage house design

cottage hut style rebuilding river site recreational

massive stone base concrete slab logs house

cantilevered parts building house form wooden construction

sustainable development cottage house aspect design

opening doors innovative shading terrace house built-in

garden house service area relaxing seating structure

tin sheets frontage house wrapping exterior decorating

non-treated larch wood facade cladding modern cottage

double-height stairway exposed logs house interior

raw exposed woods ceiling living space interior

innovative interior stylish living space fireplace placement

customized furniture blending interior decor cottage house

creative modern wooden house kitchen interior design

minimalist wooden dining space stylish interior cottage

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