Ridge Contour Context Two Courtyard Spaced House Design

A masonry form with cedar and plywood materiality structure really has relaxing sense for island house vacation intention. Gulf and pastoral landscape with stretch ridge contour site and weather on the island become basic design consideration. This modern island house has playful opening structure spaced between two courtyards, bridged by a gabled roof stretched across the long axis. The courtyards become winds neutralizer, but also provide outdoor shelter for entertainment, completed with fireplace. Natural stones fence combine with concrete base and white marble flooring of frontage house end to interactive sanctuary area, a Buddhism statue with small pond express calmness house atmosphere. Inside, minimalist style with clean lines interior design open to the native landscape along with local attractive exterior décor element, like shell on walk path. Swimming pool with wooden deck adds another relaxing vacation spot with borderless sea vista. 2010. Designed by Daniel Marshall Architects.

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