Restaurant Interior Design Idea South-East Asia Look

reception desk restaurant interior design idea

What do you want to say if you heard word South-East Asia? Tropical islands, beach, exotic, wood, bamboo, nature, paradise, culture, or maybe spicy? Those words inserted, defined and mimic to fulfill this restaurant interior design. Called as Lah! This restaurant serves south-east Asia cuisine, like Thailand food, Malaysia food, Indonesia food, Vietnam food, and others.

The is modern restaurant has only one large room, so to create maximum south-east Asia atmosphere inside, this restaurant interior design created carefully and has intuitive detailing elemental décor which bring south-east Asia sense. Rustic sense of south-east Asia house represented by raw exposed wood of suspended panels and wall partition which divide the one large room into exciting interior seating zone arrangement. The woods carved with Thailand script. Sand mixed with paint for the walls give natural and beach ambience. The seating specifically designed for this Lah! restaurant. The cloth pattern of the sofas remembering me of traditional cover of cotton mattress from Indonesia. Another interesting décor product is the lamps. Hanging lamps created from traditional bird cage from bamboo and woods. In the bathroom, the wall cladding mimics the gedek. Gedek is woven bamboo that usually used as walls of traditional house. The transparent glass walls of this restaurant interior design idea, express the south-east Asia people hospitality. Visit the restaurant at Calle Maria de Molina, 50, 28006 Madrid, Spain. Designed by IlmioDesign.


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