Renovation Traditional to Modern Interior Design Ideas

north elevation modern contemporary home design

It’s time to remodeling your traditional home interior design, and exterior design of your traditional house. Make it become more contemporary and appropriate it to modern living. Just a minor addition needed, like this house. A complete interior renovation and significant exterior alterations bring this home into the present without sacrificing its connection to the past or its traditional neighborhood.

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stairwell modern home design

The house is rendered as a single continuous space, with only the master suite and second bath completely separate from the main body of the house. The extension of each space is implied as it disappears around a corner or beyond a screening element, its boundaries hidden and indefinite. Oversized windows open the house up to the neighborhood, extending the interior space of the house to the far side of the street, and into the side and rear yards. Separate post, will describe remodeling kitchen of this house.

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Consistent detailing is maintained throughout. Hardwood floors provide a continuous warm base for the brightly lit interior. New walls are articulated as separate, complete elements in juxtaposition to existing walls and floors. New structure is exposed and extended to lengths appropriate to steel’s spanning capacity. Built-in cabinetry uses similar details and materials throughout the house. Throughout, the emphasis is on crisp, clean, minimal details appropriate to modern living and contemporary building technology. The renovation designed by Canadian Architect, John Donkin.


  1. Syeda Neha Zaidi says

    beautiful house but a lot luxurious. you must add some affordable pictures of theses type houses but also architectural layouts and diagrams.


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