Refurbishment of Warehouse Apartment to Create Better Interior Circulation

A warehouse apartment that first redevelopment at 1980s from 19th century warehouse refurbish to create better circulation of interior and accommodate present modern way of living. The interior order re-aligned so that the axis runs between the river and the street. All the rooms leading directly off this single corridor.

The apartment interior design refurbishment concept inspired by ship interior. This ship interior concept is in harmony with the apartment location to the river. The architects made very clear distinction between existing interior elements and new inserted. between the original 19th century structural elements, such as the oak beams and the brick work exposed gently, and has décor effect, while new modern element such as solid oak flooring, veneered oak paneling refreshing atmosphere of the interior. Black stones décor used in kitchen and bathroom, so that the atmosphere in harmony with other areas. Designed by Voon Wong + Benson Saw (VWBS).


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