Red Eclipse Simplistic Form Coffee Table to Help Japanese Earthquake Victims

Red eclipse is modern simplistic form coffee table that appears as Japanese flag, made from MDF, PVC tube (Prototype is made of plywood). Center red circle empty hole symbolizes the energy of the earthquake as well as the lost when earthquake and tsunami happen recently (2011/3/11). Takeshi Miyakawa, who designed this table, will donate 90% of red eclipse’s sales to help Japanese earthquake victims (10% is extracting costs for the material). With Price: $1,000 (shipping not included), this minimalist coffee table is limited edition, only 10 pieces created. So if you want to donate Japan by buying this table, you can contact Takeshi Miyakawa here. Detail table: W: 24?(61cm) x L: 36?(91.5cm) x H: 15? and finished with oil paint.


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