Red Bricks Exterior Coating Simple Cubic Geometrical House Design

This modern single family house has simple cubic geometrical, the lines, sharp edges and facades has different from at every side. The exterior coat with red bricks to blend wit its surrounding area, but the contrast between red building and its green garden landscape, create interesting vista. The interior itself has whiteness style. This house has three floor, basement for garage and service area. First floor for daily activities – living dining and kitchen arranged with spatial floor for identify each activity area. Second floor that has open outdoor terrace for private area, bedrooms and bathrooms. The housed has open structure orientation at garden, backyard, completed with sheltered terrace. Open enclave area and designed as minimalist bamboo garden, coupled with roof windows of atrium in the interior, produce maximum natural light at center of the house. Designed by DVA arhitekta.

cubic geometrical modern bricks house coating design

basement garage house plans red-bricks construction design

garage area basement house floor design

open orientation large glass windows house design

backyard house open structure green landscape design

outdoor top terrace facade house bricks cladding

large glass windows-door simple open-house design

sharp edges cubic house different facade performance

outdoor enclave house minimalist garden layout design

atrium area spacious flow interior open house

spatial floor differentiate modern interior design

modern minimalist whiteness style interior design


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