Perfect Arrangement of Big Apartment Interior Design in Sleek Detailing Decor

For the interior arrangement, who said that the small apartment is always difficult to be arranged? Some big apartment interior also has difficulties about how to organizing the space to create maximum exposure and create livable dwelling spaces. Like this 5000 square feet apartment, the rooms organizing become difficult due to its size. Center area of this large loft keep dark because awfully far from the windows. So how to create it?

modern big apartment interior design perfect organizing

To solve the problem, the architect has creative idea to arrange and divide rooms appropriate with its function and activities. In the middle area, packaged rooms consist of kitchen, pantry, storage, wine cellar, bathroom, and other storage rooms built. This packaged rooms surrounded by habitable rooms and bedrooms. With this arrangement, the habitable rooms, such as living rooms, dining, breakfast room, playroom, etc are close to the windows, and maximum exposure achieved. The kitchen placed face-to-face with dining area, so a bright kitchen created. For entertainment and study area an acoustically isolated music room also built.

The interior design has modern and clean style with sleek detailing décor. Whiteness color as based interior design applied, from walls, certain appliances and furniture, and ceiling. Dark wood flooring installed to create contrast and expose the detailing décor elements. Overall this big apartment interior become lively and lovable. Delson or Sherman Architects.

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